Review: Ginger Voight – Love Plus One

Love Plus One
Ginger Voight
Shannon needs a bit of a push in the right direction to get her life moving onwards from the comfortable rut she has found herself in since she found her job working as a production assistant. She’s full of good ideas for shows, but she’s too shy to put herself out there. This time she will though, and she might find love where she didn’t expect it.
So you like sitcoms, romances and reality TV shows, but can’t find the time to watch them on TV? You could read this novel instead! Personally, I’d prefer this novel to any of the other dating shows out there.
This reminded me a bit of ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’, and the whole mole thing that Shan came up with for her idea isn’t really that big a deal. The exposure of the nasty girls, but the realisation that most of them can be nice, is a good one. However, I felt the final three came from behind, and the third girl probably never had a chance.
This novel did a great job of non-erotic romance. A real refresher after what else I have been reading lately. Nothing more than a few darkened bedroom scenes and a purple boa!
A reminder to the ‘real women’ reading this novel. This is a US novel, so when they say size 12, that’s a fair bit bigger than the Australian size 12. So that’s to say, I’m pretty sure that that might be in the obese category, which I simply can’t condone (particularly if it’s a cookie fed weight, not a medication or health induced one). I didn’t like Shan any less for this, and I though the fact that she started making herself fitter during the course of the show was great.
My complaint about this novel would be that the secondary characters are not fleshed out enough for my liking, which I suppose makes it a typical romance. I would have loved to hear more from Dixie, a bit more from Jorge and of course, a bit more from Shan’s sister.
I wouldn’t have said it was gripping, but in places it had me almost crying, and that’s a mark of another good novel for me. I’m not sure I’d read it again now that I know how it ends, but if you’re going to sit down and read this one (as I recommend you do), you’ll want a nice glass of wine and 2-4 free hours as you travel with Shan.
I received this novel as part of the Goodreads: First Reads program, but this did not influence my honest review in any way.

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