Review: Mary Ann Loesch – Bayou Myth

Bayou Myth
Mary Ann Loesch
Joan’s a mixed blood voodoo witch. When I put it like that, it sounds very negative – but really Joan is on the side of good. There’s lots of nasty things out there though to get her, and she’s not got anyone who really can help her other than a dead great grandma. Sound good?

Before reading this novel I had had hardly any contact with any form of voodoo. I found it to be a good introduction with just the right amount of detail. Hoodoo I have come across, in the movie “The Skeleton Key”. If you like horror, and you’ve got a thing for magic, I’d recommend it. It’s totally a great film (coming from me who never watches movies, that must mean something).
Joan is a likeable enough character, although I didn’t get a feel for her until later in the novel. The first couple of chapters are far more about what she can do, and the big things that are changing in her world. This novel is plot driven somehow, rather than character driven.
I kept thinking about this novel, and how Joan was going to fix things (and also how many more people would die) while I was away from it, so I would have said I was suckered in by it. It was obvious who the bad people were, but the how and why of things was much more fascinating.
The ending was quite satisfactory, although I don’t feel the need for a sequel as if I would if it was an outstanding novel. I’ll give it three stars, because I still could put it down, and wasn’t completely hooked.
I received this book free in a giveaway. It took me far too long to get around to reading it though, and I’ve had this book on my ebook shelf since September last year. That kind of reading length really upsets me, but I’m glad I’ve gotten a chance to read and review it now.

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