Review: Jim Carrington – Boy23

Jim Carrington

Boy23 is released into the wild with instructions to run. The problem is that he has never been outside before, and has never seen another human. He doesn’t know that other humans might die from coming in contact with him, or that they might want to kill him. All he can do is follow the instructions of The Voice and hope for the best.

23524633The changes between the different perspectives were clear between adults and children, but the two kids, Jesper and Carina, their voices weren’t well defined. I could read one, and because what they saw overlapped, I got confused about how many things had happened.

The idea is interesting, but not unique. I was really looking forward to it, but was left underwhelmed. I am certain I have read other novels of the ‘left outside to fend for yourself’ genre. Not that their names come to mind at the moment. I did at least get all the way through this book in one sitting, which is more than what I can see for the other couple I have been reading (and not yet finished for reviewing).

The ending left me underwhelmed. There was no sign of actual conclusions, and as far as I can see, there is no sequel planned. Now normally that would be ok, but the ending isn’t really a satisfying wrap up of the novel here.

I’ll give it 3 stars – ok, but it’s ok to give this one a miss. There are other novels out there that are equally good or better.


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