Review: Sharon Guskin – The Forgetting Time

The Forgetting Time
Sharon Guskin

Noah spends his nights in nightmares and his days fearing water. His mother is at the end of her patience – job running down, daycare refusing her son, and the situation getting worse all the time. When psychiatrists can’t help her, she turns to a man losing language to see if he can get her inside Noah’s mind.

9781509806805The back of the novel simply didn’t pull me in, but I took it with me somewhere and I couldn’t sleep, so of course this got read! It should have said something more about past lives, and then it would have gotten me straight away.

Ooooh, the premise of this book is a tricky one. Chasing past lives is interesting enough, and then there is someone trying to do science on it. I would have enjoyed more stories, but overall it was fascinating enough. The trials and tribulations of both of the adults felt real and relatable.

In the swaps between perspectives I could definitely tell the differences in the mental voices. That brought alive for me the other parts of the story (such as the teenager). It highlighted to me again though that the law system can be so very wrong, even if murder is an accident.

I’m not sure what else to say about this one. Worth a read. It sent me away questioning all kinds of things, and wanting to read some of the reference materials that the author presented in the acknowledgements. I’m a scientist for goodness sakes! I guess that’s what appealed to me about it.


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