Review: Jaclyn Moriarty – A Tangle of Gold


A Tangle of Gold
Jaclyn Moriarty

What a Corner of White and Cracks in the Kingdom started, A Tangle of Gold is here to make it conclude. Madeline and Elliot’s worlds are going to combine with a crash. Well, the people in them anyway. As all the cracks are shut down and guarded again, others discover exciting abilities to free themselves around the bright colour storms.

25578558Ah, the ending. It tidied things up nicely. Perhaps too nicely. Worlds never end like that. So it could be unexpected, except the minute a couple of people do their ‘expose’ thing, then it becomes obvious what is happening around that, and it proves to be inevitable. It was already so unpredictable, in its own way it was predictable.

How much time can you spend thinking about similes and turned about sentences? Just as sometimes characters from different provinces don’t understand what is going on, neither did I! And not in a good, ‘I will work it out later’, kind of way.

I’m not sure how I felt about the romance. People kissing other people, true loves going wrong, was this a fantasy novel or a teen kiss-and-tell? And really, the chances of them all being so similar? I really can’t talk much about this novel because I’d give away the plot lines. But whatever is happening, and it is happening, the Colours are there to stay.

Again, I find myself undecided on where I would put this novel. I’m going to give it 3 stars again, just like the first two books in this series. I hate to be the party pooper, and I’m sure (I know, in fact), that a lot of readers out there are super keen on the series. I’d suggest reading the first, and then deciding if they are for you.


Thanks to Macmillian for providing me with a proof copy.

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