Review: Jaclyn Moriarty – The Cracks in the Kingdom


The Cracks in the Kingdom
Jaclyn Moriarty

Madeline’s life has gotten a little simpler now that her mother is mainly better. The adults in her world mostly seem a little mad though. Elliot on the other hand is being forced into helping out around the Kingdom when all he wants to do is find his father.

18371573All the characters feel one-dimensional, which is ironic, given that pretty much only 2D things can slip through the current crack used by Elliot and Madeline. I’m sure they could all pass through too!

I got the references to Isacc Newton this time, and understood more about why it was important, and what he really meant. Madeline tries to approach the question through science, while Elliot tries a spell.

I want to go to Spell Lake! Pity that I’m too old now. Amazing that the spell keeps most people out, except younglings.

The ending is a surprise, but a complicated one. I don’t know what I thought about it, and I still don’t. I guess that’s why there is a third novel?

For a minute there, this book had me grabbed. Well, maybe 5 minutes. But then it went back to its achingly slow pace and detailed mediocre details about each of their lives. 3 stars from me.


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