Review: Holly Seddon – try not to breathe

try not to breathe
Holly Seddon

Alex is a semi-functioning alcoholic uninterested in recovery, and with nothing to live for. When she finds herself researching coma patients for a freelance story, the pathos finally gets to her and she is able to take further steps forward in her life.

This was such a slow novel. I was halfway through and saying to my partner that I wasn’t sure I could face keeping on reading it. I started out being a bit wary of it, because of the changing perspectives.

Ugh. I don’t get the title. Everyone is happily breathing. By the end, I couldn’t have cared less who-dun-it. Those suspects? No, don’t care. Alex’s way of dealing with her alcoholic life? Nothing new there either, another novel I’ve read recently covers the willpower method.

For those people finding themselves captivated, I’m not sure I understand what you have seen in this novel. I haven’t read the original mainstream thriller ‘The Girl on the Train’, which is what this one is favourably compared to. I’m not sure now that I want to read it either. I want one where the danger actually becomes real to the reader and I’m looking over my shoulder in fear!

I’ve read other suspense novels that had more life to them than this one. Haha. Even ones where they actually die! Think Painkiller or Irene to see fantastic examples of this genre instead. With this in mind, I’m giving this one 2-3 stars. It’s fine for reading, it’s just not the astonishing work of fiction that I was promised.


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