Review: Lucinda Riley – The Storm Sister

The Storm Sister
Lucinda Riley

Ally and her five sisters have just lost their adoptive father, Pa Salt. Each of them were adopted at birth, and now it is up to them to decide whether they want to know their pasts or not. Ally has always loved Sailing, but perhaps her history says that she should be more musically inclined.

25800847I put off reading this novel for a very long time, because I knew it was the second in the series. Finally, in a bid to cull down the number of older novels I had sitting on my shelf, I decided to pick it up. A quick google of the first novel in the series seemed to suggest that I didn’t need to read the first one – this was definitely the case.

The blurb promises that Ally is beginning to question where the 7th sister is, but I didn’t get that vibe from her at all in the novel. She was too busy wrapped up in her own things to think about her sister(s) at all for what I could tell. Ally seemed very selfish to me, considering that she was considered the most practical of the sisters.

When I sat down to this, I found that some parts were far more compelling than others. Take the ‘real world’ for instance, where Ally is grieving for lost loves and yet hunting her background at the same time. In the past, read as a journal / biography / translation by the reader, things are far more exciting and real.

Jesus. Ally. Could you be any more dense? You’ve JUST read the story of Anna, and you’re too dumb to work out your own life? Oh woe is me. For someone who was just passionately in love, you’re certainly turning your eyes to someone else pretty quickly! Ugh. I couldn’t love you, and I couldn’t wait to move on from reading about you to someone else.

It was fine for reading. But just fine. Not fantastic, or anything new for the majority of the novel. 3 stars.


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