Review: Lisa Beazley – Keep Me Posted

Keep Me Posted
Lisa Beazley

Cassie and Sid were the closest sisters ever, right before their lives and marriages got in the way. When they decide to reconnect through letters, their lives may not be the same (or at least, Cassie’s life won’t be).

29152393This should have been called The Slow News Sisters instead of Keep Me Posted. What’s wrong with using a catchy term, even if it is later used in the novel? Not to mention it would have been a heads up for the progress being glacial.

Well, I set out reading this with an expectation and fear that it would all be written in letters of EVERYTHING about the sisters’ lives. Instead, I found myself immersed in the selfish Cassie’s life, and pitying Sid as a long distance relationship only can.

Honestly, I really didn’t feel much for either of the sisters. Cassie was pretty pathetic, and became more so as she went along. Sid is living a life of luxury. Her husband might be cheating on her? Get over it! It happens! Call him out. You can afford it.

The blurb: ‘Cassie’s made a big mistake – one that their relationship, not to mention their marriages, may not survive’. I was most of the way through the novel waiting for this momentous occasion to take place. When it finally happened, I was just like, wow, get over it. People have these issues all the time. It’s not just you Cassie.

Grow up Cassie. Get over yourself. I wanted this outcome from the beginning, but in the end it felt like it had gone completely full circle. Unsatisfying mess.

This novel obviously wasn’t for me. I think I’ll tag it down as ‘Women’s Fiction’ and call it a day. I don’t feel like being charitable today, so it’s only getting 2 stars, even if it could be a 3.


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