Review: Kerry Drewery – Cell 7

Cell 7
Kerry Drewery

Martha has killed a famous celebrity – or at least she said she did. Now waiting her fate in an increasingly smaller set of cells, her last days on earth are not only numbered, but also watched 24/7 by the public. That public will decide whether she is guilty or innocent by voting. The only problem is that the system is rigged for those who have money to have the potential to make more votes.

29864658Martha has lost a lot of important people, and I can see why she does the things she does. But she came across as a selfish, shallow character that I simply couldn’t like very much. And considering that I was supposed to get attached so I would be worried when she was close to dying, well, I wasn’t.

It’s unclear how the different people come on board with the ideas that Martha and her offsider are working on to change the world. Not enough clarity around a lot of issues actually, which was really frustrating.

I’m sorry. Even if this is a new thriller series, I couldn’t give points for the ending. It felt like no progress had been made at all, particularly with the authorities showing some really clear blind eyes (if there is such a thing). I read the novel, and the pacing was fine, but the plot was transparent and I couldn’t care about the characters. 3 stars from me.


Allen & Unwin | 28th September 2016 | AU $19.99 | Paperback

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