Review: Danielle Paige – Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow
Danielle Paige

Snow has been institutionalised ever since she tried to walk a friend through a mirror. On a serious cocktail of drugs, it’s not clear what is fantasy and what is truth. When she’s broken out of the Institute by a handsome trickster to rescue her hot lover, life is going to be more magical than she imagined.

30309128I feel like I didn’t get a really good grip on Snow’s character. But then you consider that she has been locked up and completely drugged for the last 10+ years and you can’t be surprised. She felt quite cold to me, and never seemed to warm up. I’ll be looking for more character development in the second novel of this.

The back of the novel promises me that ‘her choices of the heart will change everything’. What we actually see though is her ?three? love interests all wanting to kiss her or for her to kiss them. What’s so big about a kiss? Seriously guys. Just chill. Snow, kiss them all. Deal with the consequences. This is life.

Dude! How could that happen? It was a twist I wasn’t expecting at all. And I still don’t know why or how it happened. Something for the next novel! The plot circled around, and gave nutty things the ability to happen. I think maybe it could have been overwhelming.

I’m going to give it 3 stars. I think it just didn’t give me enough of an impression to feel polarised by it.


Bloomsbury | October 2016 | AU $16.99 | Paperback

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