Review: Josef – Fifty Shades of Truth

Fifty Shades of Truth

Josef is drawn to the more unusual sides of sex work. He likes to be dominated and dominating, he experiments with all things. This novel is 18+.

25783471I was warned and warned again by this author to beware of his book as being crude and dirty. Instead what I found was a layer of crude leading to an interior that was filled with lots of useful things, graphic as they might be. Josef claims to have tried every type of sex, and this novel gives you a good helping of what that ‘every type’ might include.

I think the major thing coming through to me was about consent. If people are consenting, freely, in their full mind, to doing things that would be read as submissive or dominant, then why not? Sex is a healthy thing, it shouldn’t be hidden away. Get out there, change your boring bedtime habits, and have some fun! Safe, consenting fun.

This book should tell you something. I didn’t skip the sex scenes. In fact, they were one of the most enjoyable parts of the novel, dispite them being something that most people would find disturbing, and which I certainly couldn’t relate to. The way Josef tells his story brings it alive, and make people of sex-workers and trans* people.

Just because this novel has ‘Fifty Shades’ in the title, don’t blame it for its writing style. The author also said that perhaps next time he would want to write it in a different way. I would agree that a second edition would be amazing. There felt like so many other bits of story that I wanted to hear, that were crowded out by things I felt were unimportant, such as the author railing against the Church.

Some things did still gross me out a bit, I never understood ‘golden showers’, but from Josef’s perspective, I could see how perhaps it could appeal to some people. That was the power of this novel. I just kept reading. 3 very solid stars from me, and easily a 4 with some rewriting.


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