Review: bud smith (editor) – First Time

First Time
bud smith (editor)

This novel is a collection of essays, stories and poems about the first time the authors had sex. I only bought this ‘novel’ because one of my favourite authors had written a piece for it. Sadly, it didn’t turn out anything like I hoped, not to mention the humping bunnies on the front cover

18364966By the feel of things, I think the authors had a wide scope of what they could write. For me, I hate poetry. I especially hate random poetry where I can’t work out any of what is going on. Other examples were of not-true stories. What is the point of writing expository fiction if your reader can’t connect in any way with it?

It’s stupid of me, but for some reason I thought this would be a collection of stories about queer people’s first times. I figured this because two of the authors that I knew had works in this book were gay, and I liked their other pieces. So as such, this ‘novel’ wasn’t for me. I’m not interested in the first times of straight people, generally these seem to be boring. Queer people (and I know I am generalising here) have more interesting first times, or first meetings, because half the time they don’t know what they want or if their partner will be willing, available and accepting.

Honestly, I read about half this book, picking and skipping authors that I wasn’t interested in. There is no way I would have read it in its entirety. I will be freeing it into the wild in the hopes that other people might get something out of it. If you’re queer, I’d recommend the Letter Q instead for relatable fiction. Let’s give this one 2-3 stars and call it a day.


Review: Josef – Fifty Shades of Truth

Fifty Shades of Truth

Josef is drawn to the more unusual sides of sex work. He likes to be dominated and dominating, he experiments with all things. This novel is 18+. Continue reading

Review: Sienna Wilder – The Arab Marilyn Monroe

The Arab Marilyn Monroe
Sienna Wilder

18+ Review: Erotic Novel Review

Olivia doesn’t know that she’s a lesbian. She figured that she was just abnormal, and not interested in sex. Little does she know that the new lady friend she’s about to meet has a lot to offer her over her last partner.
Much as I wanted to love this novel, I simply couldn’t. The sex scenes were hot enough, but I wanted something more from the characters. Peter was a pushover, Fairuz was one-dimensional and Olivia had no idea what was happening to her. Or actually, she did, but she wasn’t willing to admit it.
It felt too short. The author said to me (when she requested this review), that this was being published separately from the main novel about these characters because she didn’t want to mix genres. One sexy hot sex scene, and it was over! I wanted more, if there could be more. For a week of being shacked up together, there could have been a little more on offer.
I’m not sure I can recommend this novel for audiences that are comfortable reading erotica on the internet. As a printed book of homosexual encounters, I think it is relatively unique, and a valuable addition to your bookshelf if you tend to reread this kind of thing. However, for me at least, I like variety in my diet! There are plenty of online resources that cover this kind of thing. I admire the author her audacity in bringing this out, and hope that she can expand it into a saga like Christian Grey’s (except a lot more realistic and accessible).
My current quest in this area is to find sexual fiction that doesn’t sound completely improbable or completely over-worded. Also, some crude language doesn’t do it for me at all. ‘Creamed her jeans’? Cringe. Not interested. Again, there was potential there.
I wished more had been made of the religious and political ideas behind this. It’s appropriate that this is set in Paris! And the language of the body is much more powerful than the spoken word. Both women use this to their advantage.
I think the last pure erotica novel I read and reviewed were the ‘Romantic Tales‘ episodes, of which I read three excerpts before giving up. That was 2 years ago now (amazing of itself) and I thought I was ready to give the genre another try. Shades of Grey is in the genre, although the author does have a go at giving a bit more storyline. Most erotica novels fail in that they don’t provide me with enough story – this one isn’t an exception.

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