Review: Laura Garnett – The Genius Habit (S)

The Genius Habit
Break Free from Burnout, Reduce Career Anxiety and Double Your Productivity by Leveraging the Power of Being Who You Are at Work
Laura Garnett

“Both inspirational and practical, The Genius Habit introduces a methodology that has helped Laura’s high-profile clients at LinkedIn, Capital One, and Verizon transform their careers and their lives. The Genius Habit gives employees—from entry-level assistants, to middle managers, to CEOs of major companies—the tools they need to gain clarity about who they are and where they are going, and to proactively create the career of their dreams.”

I thought this book was about habits, but it’s not at all. For a book with such a long title, it still didn’t explain what it’s about. This book is about doing your strengths in work and life, which the author calls “your zone of genius”. It’s a drawn out way of saying ‘know thyself’ – this book focuses on building a career on those things you already do well and enjoy. The thoughts and ideas of this are fine but I feel like it’s also just common sense. I also feel this is not possible 24/7, there are always times you need to do something that you enjoy less, and it doesn’t give you any tips for this. The book also has a bunch of other wishy-washy topics on mindfulness, meditation, getting sleep, and perseverance.

One aspect I struggled with was the explanation of the “performance tracker”. The idea of measuring when you’re in your “zone of genius” makes sense, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Numerous variables such as location and who you’re working with are not thoroughly explored, leaving me questioning the reliability of this tracking method.

The message is fine, but I just didn’t feel for this book. It just wasn’t well executed? I found myself not wanting to continue to read it. It was a long book regarding only one topic, yet still didn’t get much out of it. It’s common sense and basic knowledge to me. Unfortunately the writing style was not super engaging for me and the overuse of words like genius made me not enjoy and connect with it as much as I would have otherwise. The author spoke a lot about their own experiences and in a voice that just annoyed me.

There was not any new or unique concept in the book that would make it stand out.
Overall the main points can be summarized very quickly and it wasn’t written in an engaging way. Basically, do work in your strength areas. 2 Stars for me. If you’re after a book on habits, try Atomic Habits instead. Or just try a few pages to see if the style works for you.

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