Review: Kim Hooper – People Who Knew Me

People Who Knew Me
Kim Hooper

Emily Morris married young from college and set out to support her husband’s needs first. After his business fails and his ailing mother moves in with them, Emily needs a break. one so drastic that she pretends she is dead and moves to an entirely different city.

People Who Knew Me - Cover ImageUnfortunately the blurb gave away pretty much everything in the past sections of the novel. I was promised a suspenseful novel, but from the outset I knew what would probably happen. Then, finally, I HATED the ending of this novel.

Emily, I wanted to care for you. I understood what was wrong with you. I was happy with your affair. I was happy with your new life. I can’t see what made you do those final things. Ugh. There’s a good reason you walked away. Bad Emily. Why you so stupid? Why must you annoy me so much?

3 stars from me. I’m going to put this in line with Promise, as another ‘Women’s Fiction’ novel that could have been amazing but just didn’t hit all the right notes.


Pan Macmillan | May 2016 | AU $29.99 | Paperback

Review: Valerie Davisson – Forest Park

Forest Park
Valerie Davisson

Logan loves her new job, and can’t wait to learn more from pioneers in the area. Little does she know that a Vietnamese family will take her heart, and that she will be lost in a mystery while losing her faith in men once again.

28230074What sold the first novel to me was missing in this novel. While there were interlocking storylines, it didn’t ‘have the mystery of the first novel. It also lapsed back into too descriptive prose – the one line that has stuck with me is that Logan wears Burt’s Bees Cranberry flavour.

It had potential with everything, yet failed to deliver. Logan, where is your head? Why can’t you just talk to people? The passive-aggressive ignoring is not doing you any favours. What kind of woman are you anyway? And honestly, you didn’t do any mystery solving this time.

As for the last novel (sorry to keep comparing them), the title of this novel means very little. Much of the action appears to take place in Logan’s head and bedroom, rather than in the park the novel is named for. In fact, the park doesn’t seem to play a big role until somewhere near the end, and it seems like an afterthought.

I was really excited for this novel, and then turned out very disappointed. I’m tempted to give only 2 stars, but it wasn’t that badly written compared to some stuff I have read recently. Perhaps if you REALLY think you might like it, or have already been invested in Logan by Shattered, give it a read.


Review: Norma Jennings – Passenger from Greece

Passenger from Greece
Norma Jennings

Olivia Reed wanted to see the world – so she chose the career of a flight attendant. A brush with death ignites a romance that she wasn’t expecting – but it’s complicated with her work and family expectations.

26865265Dear me. This novel. Where to start with its faults. There weren’t enough clues for the reader to really feel like they were on the scene. I was told how to feel about every situation, I didn’t need to think for myself. Again, the blurb gives away too much of the novel contents.

Romance hey? ‘The One’? Ugh. The sex scene in this was just awkward, and I swiftly skipped the pages. This must be a woman’s fiction romance, but I expect more from my characters. Do you have no backbone? Oh wait, you do, but I’m still not convinced. You’re so gullible! And oh, you trusty friend, why didn’t I love you before?

I couldn’t have cared less what they ate! The amount of time spent looking at and eating food could have been used on developing the characters and trying to get me to be more sympathetic about their problems.

I couldn’t get why they were so terrified of drug smugglers. Surely they could have just been more calm about it? Stop touching the evidence guys! And for goodness sakes, stop acting so guilty! How dumb can you be?

The plot was completely transparent, and not in a good way. Hmm, I wonder which of the tiny cast of characters might be at fault? Way too easy to answer. I think it was the blurb that waned me off. It wanted to tackle too many issues without enough substance in its characters.

It’s a bad sign when I want to fill a review with rhetorical questions. A really, really bad sign. I put off reading this for months, and I fully understand why I did. I read it so that I wouldn’t need to bring it home with me from my overseas trip. 1 star. Don’t waste your time.